U.S. Chamber of Commerce "Invest in Water" Initiative

Water is not only the most essential element to life on earth, water is also an economic driver for strengthening our economy and keeping our communities vibrant and healthy. To address the water resource issues and challenges affecting business, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has formed a Water Issues Working Group. The group consists of 45 member companies focused on bringing what has been a backburner issue to the forefront of public awareness through the "Invest in Water" series.

The "Invest in Water" initiative is a series of targeted events across the country that will address the full range of water cycle issues including supply, conservation, sustainability, drinking and wastewater infrastructure, innovative water technologies, the energy-water nexus, agricultural water usage, water re-use, and water issues facing manufacturers. Each event will present an opportunity for local communities and audiences to discuss regional water issues and explore a full spectrum of governmental and private policy and funding solutions.

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To raise political and public awareness of the value of water to our economy.

Learn about the even that started it all – the Global Water Strategy Summit.

October 2011
New York, NY – Water Re-use

December 2011
Miami, FL – Innovative Water Technologies 
Date/Location TBD – Agricultural Water Use

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